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Are you looking for an alternative to traditional metal braces? Clear Aligners are the ideal choice when it comes to straightening smiles. It’s a flexible option that fits the lifestyle of teens and adults!

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Clear or Invisible Aligners are the ideal choice when it comes to straightening smiles because it’s a flexible option that fits the lifestyle of most people. Yes, this includes teens, and adults – there’s no age limit to gaining a healthier smile! Dr. Harika Lala and the team at Centreport are ready to help your smile be the best.

Dentist discussing clear aligners in Fort Worth with a patient.

What are Clear Aligners?

Centreport Smiles is proud to offer our preferred teeth-straightening system for teens & adults! We use the most up-to-date technology to scan our patients’ smiles and come up with a game plan that best fits them. We’re then able to fabricate several clear trays that follow the set plan that Dr. Lala laid out. The best part is the clear trays are nearly invisible when worn and can be removed, unlike traditional types of braces.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Discrete: Clear Aligners, made from clear plastic trays, are almost undetectable by your family and friends. Only you will be able to tell that you are having orthodontic treatment. Clear Aligners are an alternative to traditional braces that can be discreetly worn by image-conscious adults who don’t want to be associated with the stigmatization of metal braces.

Removable: Clear Aligners can be removed for cleaning, eating, and drinking, unlike traditional braces. Clear Aligners can also be removed temporarily for special events or worn as-is. This makes Clear Aligners easy to maintain, saving you valuable time.

Convenient: Clear Aligners are less likely to require frequent visits to your dentist. Our Fort Worth dental office can create a complete treatment plan and have your aligners made. We will then send them home with you to change out when the dentist recommends.

Healthy, Beautiful Results: Clear Aligners can straighten your smile and improve your self-esteem. Your teeth will be easier to clean, and you’ll have improved defenses against plaque and tartar buildup. Correcting misaligned bites can also help to alleviate a variety of issues such as jaw pain, neck pain, excessive tooth wear, and bruxism.

What Can Clear Aligners fix?

Here are some dental issues that are commonly corrected with Clear Aligners, depending on the severity of the problem:

Overcrowding: This is when the teeth are not able to align properly in the mouth. Tooth decay can be caused by overcrowding, as well as gum disease.

Teeth Gaps: This could sometimes be caused by missing teeth or because the jaw continues growing abnormally.

Crossbite:  This is a common problem that occurs when the upper or lower teeth are pressed into each other. Uneven wear can cause bone erosion and gum disease.

Overbite: When the upper teeth extend beyond the lower or cover the lower teeth completely, this is called an overbite. Jaw pain and TMJ can eventually occur.

Underbite: This is the opposite of an overbite. The lower teeth extend further than the upper ones or completely cover them. Jaw pain and TMJ problems can eventually occur.

If you think Clear Aligners may be the right fit for you, call us to schedule your consultation. Dr. Lala and our team of experts are excited to help you!

We are proud to serve Euless, Fort Worth, Arlington, Irving, Bedford, and surrounding communities.

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